Guiding Principles

Every action and decision at Andrews-Cooper is driven by a set of core philosophies, and these guiding principles have held true for our organization since its inception in 2000.

The Andrews-Cooper mission and core values are a living, breathing part of our culture. They guide our approach to working with people, projects, vendors, and customers alike – and provide a unified framework for decision-making and success from the start.

Our Mission

At Andrews-Cooper, everything we do stems from our commitment to delivering extraordinary value.

Our ultimate goal is to maximize the return on our clients’ investments. Everything we do is anchored by our dedication to provide top engineering talent and unrivaled problem-solving capabilities in a way that strategically and intentionally satisfies our clients’ needs.

Beyond delivering on-time work at the highest level of quality, we want clients to realize a successful project from Andrews-Cooper and know that they received extraordinary value from their engineering investment.

Core Values

These are the tenets that fuel everything we do at Andrews-Cooper – they influence how we tackle projects, build relationships with clients, and continue to shape the future of our firm. Each and every Andrews-Cooper team member keeps these core values at the heart of every decision made and action taken – which is all part of “The Andrews-Cooper Way.”

Own it

Initiative is everything at Andrews-Cooper. The people on our team do not wait for opportunities to present themselves – our team steps up to the plate, contributes fresh ideas, and does whatever it takes to make things happen. We expect our engineers to exercise leadership and proactively find ways to deliver success for our customers, themselves and their colleagues.

Help each other win

At Andrews-Cooper, we firmly believe that our job is to make others’ lives better. Whether we’re crafting innovative products, finding more meaningful and productive ways to build our internal team, increasing efficiency through automation, or building positive relationships with clients, we strive to create win-wins in everything we do. We know that at the end of the day, it is all about building strong relationships and shared success with the people around us.

Think bigger and better

Our firm has grown substantially over the past 16 years – and we wouldn’t be where we are today without a big vision and ambitions. We encourage our team to think outside the box, explore every opportunity, challenge the status quo, and embody innovation. The result? Clients that benefit from our fully engaged team and a powerful work environment built on progressive thinking.

Do what is right

Integrity is the DNA of Andrews-Cooper. Each and every member of our team embodies this value, and we choose to work with clients who share it as a driving principle. We hold each other accountable to do right by our clients, our partners, and our fellow team members – we consider this philosophy key to making a positive impact on the world.

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Voice of the Customer

“We really gained a trust in Andrews-Cooper. We knew that in the end we would get what we were looking for.”

Peter Galen