Our Difference

We strive to set ourselves apart

Since 2000 Andrews-Cooper has built a team and engineering infrastructure designed to meet the needs of our automation and product development customers. But it is not enough to simply meet expectations – our goal is to set the standard for engineering quality and service and to keep our clients coming back time and time again.

Below are a few ways that we strive to set ourselves apart:

Unmatched expertise in automation and product development

Andrews-Cooper is unique in our ability to offer expert engineering services in both automation and product development. Because we’ve built strong capabilities and teams around these two essential steps in the product lifecycle, we bring a unique perspective to both areas of work. Are you looking for an engineering team that inherently designs products with automation and manufacturing in mind? We are uniquely qualified. Do you need an automation tool that is designed by a team that understands your product’s end use and performance needs? Look no further.

An engine built for solving real engineering problems

Andrews-Cooper has built a business to help solve real engineering problems. Our deep experience and diverse expertise allow us to serve our customers at the highest level.  We have found that a partnership approach is the best way to ensure the job is done right.

Success is our promise

A successful project is more than a goal at Andrews-Cooper, it’s our promise. All members of our team pride themselves on upholding this promise, and we believe that delivering a successful project starts from the very beginning. Every Andrews-Cooper customer can expect their engineering team to exhibit deep understanding of the engineering problem at hand, clear and consistent communication of scope progress, expert oversight and governance of execution, exceptional engineering work, and quality assurance.

Extraordinary value

At Andrews-Cooper, our mission is to deliver an extraordinary return on our customers’ investments. Our dedication to exceptional engineering means that we hire and develop the best engineers and pursue those automation and product development projects that allow us to multiply the value we bring to our customers.

Integrity in engineering

The Andrews-Cooper team is firmly anchored in a set of guiding principles that drive our decisions and actions every day. Over our years of business, we’ve held integrity at the heart of our work – and we continue to do what is right for our customers, our team members, our suppliers, and our partners.