Our People

Our team is built for your success

Andrews-Cooper is a high-powered team unified by our dedication to deliver successful projects to our automation and product development customers. Our robust team is uniquely qualified to help you tackle your toughest engineering challenges.

What makes an Andrews-Cooper engineer?

At Andrews-Cooper, we’ve been cultivating and growing a team of top engineering talent since 2000. Our professionals thrive when completing challenging, dynamic projects and are dedicated to investing in valuable, long-term relationships with our clients.

The performance of the Andrews-Cooper team is underwritten by a set of guiding principles – every decision made and action taken aligns with these instilled behaviors, and ensures that engineers are delivering on “The Andrews-Cooper Way.”

Our journey

Andrews-Cooper has come a long way since our inception in 2000. After decades of experience in enterprise engineering departments, co-founders Neal Andrews and Steve Cooper decided to set out on their own. At this juncture, the two (and their spouses) created the foundations for what we know today as Andrews-Cooper.

Since Andrews-Cooper began, Neal and Steve have prided themselves and their team on building long-standing partnerships and a track record of success. The result has been steady growth for the organization. Since 2000 Andrews-Cooper has transformed from a small contract engineering shop to a well-oiled machine designed to deliver automation and product development services to customers across the country.

The same core tenets that Neal and Steve founded the company on continue to guide our approach today. Every team member shares their expertise, self-sufficiency, community investment, and values-driven work. We will always be a group of engineers that like to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.