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How To Automate Adhesive Dispense Systems

Automated Adhesive Dispense

What are your challenges?

Are you in the process of planning or improving an adhesive dispense application?

Are you looking to automate a manual dispense process for improved accuracy, repeatability, efficiency or to support volume ramp?

Or perhaps you need support deciding if an advanced vision, part placement, or dispense technology will yield greater results?

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert in dispensers, pattern design, needle contact options, or vision system programming… that’s our wheelhouse, that’s what we do for you.

AC can help you with the multiple critical design decisions that can have a significant impact on the quality, repeatability, efficiency, and management of your adhesive dispense operation.

We have a wide range of experiences across industries including medical device, consumer electronics and cutting edge R&D platforms.

Contact us to speak with an experienced engineer about your project’s specifications and unique challenges.

Let’s talk about design and technology integration for Automated Adhesive Dispense

AC works with you by:

Selecting the right dispense and curing technologies whether it be 1-part, 2-part, contact, or jetting dispensers

Integrating advanced robotics and motion control to achieve the targeted degree of accuracy and part placement you need

Integrating advanced vision and inspection systems to dispense onto a wide range of parts, surfaces, contours, and geometries

Reducing manual maintenance procedure overhead by automating and monitoring common dispense cleaning, changeout, and needle find procedures

Selecting the Right Adhesive Dispense & Curing Technologies

With a wide range of dispense systems and technologies available to you, the most central choice you make will be the dispense methodology that is most appropriate for your application.

AC helps you:

➤ Consider the strengths and weaknesses of contact and jetting dispense technologies and vendor support experiences
➤ Select the right adhesives, curing methods, and contact types with corresponding dispense tips (needle vs nozzle) to achieve very fine dispense patterns and adhesive lines with high precision, down to 200 micron beads
➤ Automate to achieve higher levels of accuracy, repeatability, and dispense performance

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Integrating Advanced Robotics & Motion Control

For highly precise or complex dispense objectives, sophisticated motion control is required to ensure that part positioning, placement, and movement are coordinated perfectly with the dispensing process. Working from your requirements, we help you achieve the targeted degree of accuracy for part placement.

AC helps you:

➤ Extrapolate a manual process to a targeted automated solution that achieves your objectives
➤ Leverage appropriate robotics for your targeted dispense objectives, achieving fine dispensing with high precision
➤ Integrate a motion control system to achieve fully coordinated movement of linear and rotational axes
➤ Modify an existing automated cell with improved robotic

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Integrating Advanced Vision & Inspection Systems

To achieve a high level of accuracy, it’s critical to leverage the most advanced camera and laser technologies to produce a vision inspection system that achieves fine detail scans across different parts, surfaces, contours, and geometries.

AC helps you:

➤ Select the right vision technology for your specific application, including profilometer laser scanners and high resolution camera systems
➤ Configure vision systems to accurately locate and scan parts and surfaces, from 2D to 3D scanning
➤ Coordinate and integrate vision systems with motion and dispense systems for dispense operations onto parts, surfaces, contours, and geometries

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Reducing Manual Maintenance Procedure Overhead

One of the most common and time-consuming challenges we hear about is the high level of maintenance required for adhesive dispense manufacturing.

Upgrading your manual maintenance processes to enable automatic cleaning, purging, and needle finding can add significant value and efficiency to your operation.

AC helps you:
➤ Integrate automated dispense tip cleaning to reduce maintenance and improve uptime and operational efficiency

➤ Automate a needle finding program to make dispense tip replacement quick and easy

reduce manual labor needs with AC

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