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We cross-pollinate best practices across industries to deliver outstanding solutions to support you and your in-house engineering teams.

For more than 20+ years, Andrews Cooper has provided engineering solutions for every aspect of the product development lifecycle. From ruggedized medical devices to intricately molded consumer electronic design to highly scalable automation systems and more – AC pulls together the best talent from a deep bench of engineering expertise for your specific project needs.

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Deep Expertise in Diabetes Care, Defibrillators, and Patient Monitoring

Medical device development is at the core of AC’s engineering history. We are experts at adapting to new design control environments quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

AR/VR & Gaming Tech

Industry Leader in Game Controllers, HMDs/Headsets, and Optics Systems

High volume product development means small errors turn into bloated budgets. AC Engineers provide specialized design insight from Advanced R&D to Product Development to Hardware Testing to Manufacturing Automation.


Innovator in Industrial Food Automation and Smart Appliances

Whether you’re developing a new home appliance with cutting edge technology or innovating a scalable approach to custom industrial food automation, AC has the depth of industry experience to bring your project to the next level.


Trailblazers in Specialized Performance Testing, Textile Automation, and Smart Wearables

Anticipate and respond quickly to changing consumer requirements with AC’s continuous improvement development processes for SportsTech, Smart Wearables, and Smart Textiles. AC’s expertise in custom automation, coupled with our depth of industry experience, get you across the finish line faster.

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Why Choose AC?

Depth of Industry and Lifecycle Experience Fused into Every Engagement

We learn valuable knowledge with each engagement, regardless of industry, to carry with us to the next challenge. Incorporating best practices from the different verticals we engage in ensures our client’s success in their respective sphere.

Talent from across the lifecycle join AC to perfect their craft across projects and industries with individuals as curious and creative as themselves. Fully supported by full time roles, internal collaboration, and unlimited opportunities to grow, you can count on AC Engineers to support your mission as if it were our own.

AC Tech Talks

Dan Faulkner, AC Principal Mechanical Engineer In Part 1 of our series on Material Creep & Stress, we examined the mechanisms of stress-strain. Going beyond a

To engineer the best-performing products, we test material for creep & stress relaxation. By subjecting the material to prolonged stress at high temperatures, we can

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our series on Fiber Laser Integration, we learned about fiber optic lasers and compelling technologies developed by our

“I definitely would work with Andrews Cooper again. They were very easy to work with – a great partner. Hearing my colleagues talk about experiences they’ve had with other firms, where things have not gone well, I feel very fortunate to work with Andrews Cooper.”

Hardware Design Engineer @ HP


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