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Our Strategic Partnership Network and Industry Certifications enable us to deliver the highest caliber of engineering solutions across R&D, Product Development, Hardware Testing, and Manufacturing Automation, with powerful and proven technologies, exceptional performance, and optimal design efficiency.
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Hardware Product Development Partners

Custom Manufacturing Automation Partners

Hardware Product Development Partners

Channel Partner - Motiv

Motiv | Industrial Product Design Partner

Partnering with Motiv, an integrated creative firm specializing in branding design, packaging and industrial product design, brings significant benefits to our hardware product engineering firm. Integrating Motiv’s design expertise with our engineering prowess allows us to develop technologically advanced and visually appealing products. Their focus on aesthetics and user experience enhances market appeal and customer satisfaction.

By infusing our engineering expertise with Motiv’s design principles, we create unique product experiences that differentiate us from competitors and attract discerning customers. Additionally, Motiv’s reputation as a leading industrial design firm adds credibility to our brand, instilling confidence in clients and reinforcing our position as a trusted provider of high-quality engineering solutions.

Our strategic partnership with Motiv empowers us to deliver outstanding hardware products that excel in both performance and aesthetics. By combining engineering and design expertise, we create differentiated offerings that appeal to customers and strengthen our brand identity. This collaboration ensures our position as a leading hardware product engineering firm, offering unique and visually striking solutions that meet the expectations of our clients.

GenUI | Software Development Partner

AC Product Development looks to esteemed software developer, GenUI, for their extensive knowledge in UI/UX design.

Collaborating with GenUI means that our hardware designs not only function flawlessly, but also captivate users through intuitive and visually appealing software interfaces, enhancing the user’s overall product experience.

GenUI’s established channels and distribution networks enable expanded market reach and connection with clients who prioritize exceptional hardware developers who deliver user-friendly interfaces.

AC and GenUI are poised for shared growth and success as we engage in co-marketing efforts to increase the visibility of our design expertise and ensure our competitive edge in the industry.

Channel Partner - GenUI
Channel Partner - AERI

AERI | Product Design Partner

Partnering with AERI Design, the esteemed Seattle-based studio of designers, brings our engineering firm an exciting opportunity for collaboration in product design. AERI Design’s dedication to creating iconic and market-leading products through inspired innovation is evident in their rigorous research and human-centric approach. They go beyond mere functionality, seeking to discover that intangible “extra” that makes products enjoyable, memorable, and fosters brand loyalty.

AERI Design’s team of inquisitive problem-solvers brings diverse backgrounds together, providing expertise in innovation, client collaboration, and a range of services from research to product strategy, ideation, and implementation. By embracing the intersection of business, technology, and consumer desire, AERI Design sees these priorities as opportunities for true integration. Their insights gained from user understanding lead to breakthrough solutions and distinctive product designs that offer a competitive edge in the market.

Partnering with AERI Design enables our engineering firm to tap into their visionary approach, creative thinking, and expertise, resulting in collaborative projects that challenge conventions and deliver remarkable products that captivate consumers.

Custom Manufacturing Automation Partners

Automation Channel Partner - ABB Authorized Value Provider

ABB Robotics | Industrial Robotic Platform Partner

Value Provider

ABB Robotics stands at the forefront of industrial robot suppliers, offering robust automation solutions that can dramatically increase operational efficiency and product consistency. The enduring performance of their robots ensures a continuous, reliable pace of work, which can considerably uplift production rates. With their precise operation, they uphold product uniformity and minimize errors, thus leading to a significant reduction in waste and rework.

A key attribute of ABB’s robots is their adaptability. They are reconfigurable to handle a wide array of tasks, empowering a company to nimbly respond to shifts in product specifications or manufacturing volumes. Additionally, they can assume hazardous or physically strenuous tasks, fostering a safer workplace. This adaptability, combined with improved safety, can result in substantial financial benefits in the long run, despite the initial expenditure.

The collaboration with ABB Robotics offers an opportunity to harness cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can further streamline manufacturing processes. ABB offers in-depth training and support to its partners, guaranteeing they can leverage their robotic systems to the fullest. Moreover, automation facilitates the achievement of sustainability objectives by maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing waste. Given ABB Robotics’ dedication to environmental sustainability, such a partnership is in sync with a company’s corporate social responsibility ambitions.

CODESYS | Industrial Controls Platform Partner

System Partner, USA

Our strategic partnership with CODESYS brings invaluable benefits to our engineering firm specializing in custom manufacturing automation. By aligning with CODESYS, we gain access to a robust development environment that accelerates our automation solutions. CODESYS comprehensive tools and libraries empower our engineers to design and implement highly efficient and accurate systems with ease.

Furthermore, collaborating with CODESYS expands our capabilities by providing a wide range of compatible hardware devices. This compatibility enables seamless integration with diverse industrial automation components, allowing us to offer tailored solutions to our clients. Leveraging CODESYS’s flexibility and scalability, we deliver customized automation systems that optimize productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive down operational costs for our clients’ businesses.

Automation Channel Partner - Codesys System Partner
Automation Channel Partner - FANUC Authorized System Integrator

FANUC | Industrial Robotic Platform Partner

Authorized System Integrator (ASI)

As a globally recognized leader in the field of industrial automation, FANUC provides a broad array of robotics and automation systems. These solutions significantly enhance manufacturing efficiency. FANUC’s robots are designed for round-the-clock operation with excellent speed and accuracy, leading to an increase in output. Additionally, their seamless integration into existing manufacturing lines ensures streamlined operations, minimal downtime, and the capability to handle complex tasks. This repositions human resources for more strategic roles, optimizing overall productivity.

Moreover, FANUC’s solutions drastically improve product consistency while curbing material waste. Their robots offer unparalleled precision, eliminating the potential discrepancies of human intervention and ensuring uniformity in product quality. Combined with their dedication to innovation and the utilization of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, FANUC delivers adaptive and optimized performance. This, coupled with their user-friendly design and comprehensive support, empowers manufacturers to fully capitalize on the benefits of automation.

Ultimately, FANUC’s sophisticated technology, paired with extensive training and support, future-proofs manufacturing processes and helps manufacturers remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Inductive Automation | Industrial Automation Software Partner

Certification – Ignition Gold Certified 8.1

Our gold membership status with Inductive Automation Ignition signifies that we possess a deep understanding and proficiency in utilizing their cutting-edge platform. This expertise empowers us to design, implement, and optimize automation solutions with unrivaled precision and effectiveness. By leveraging the advanced features and early updates provided through our gold membership, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that your operations benefit from the latest tools and functionalities available in the industry.

One of the significant advantages of our gold certification is the enhanced support and collaboration opportunities it brings. Our membership grants us access to a network of experienced professionals within the automation industry. This allows us to tap into a wealth of knowledge, share best practices, and continuously refine our approach to deliver exceptional results for your business.

Channel Partnership - Inductive Automation
Certification - Rockwell Ignition Gold Certified

Instrumental | Manufacturing AI and Data Platform Partner

Strategic Partner

Our strategic partnership with Instrumental Manufacturing AI and data platform empowers us to revolutionize manufacturing automation for our clients. Instrumental’s cutting-edge technology equips us with real-time insights into production processes, enabling us to swiftly identify, diagnose, and rectify any anomalies or inefficiencies. This translates to enhanced product quality, reduced downtime, and increased operational agility for our clients. By seamlessly integrating Instrumental’s AI-powered monitoring and data analytics capabilities into our automation solutions, we ensure that our clients’ manufacturing lines operate at peak efficiency, resulting in higher throughput and cost savings.

In addition to optimizing production processes, our collaboration with Instrumental brings a new level of predictive maintenance to our clients’ operations. The platform’s advanced algorithms continuously analyze data from various sensors and devices, predicting potential equipment failures before they occur. This foresight enables us to schedule maintenance proactively, preventing unexpected downtime and production bottlenecks. Our clients benefit from increased productivity, minimized disruption, and longer equipment lifespans due to optimized maintenance schedules. With Instrumental’s technology at our disposal, we strengthen our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art manufacturing automation solutions that drive operational excellence and ensure our clients remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Keyence | Vision System Partner

Strategic Partner

Our strategic partnership with Keyence, a global leader in manufacturing automation solutions, brings unparalleled advantages to our clients in the engineering realm. By leveraging Keyence’s cutting-edge technologies and innovative automation solutions, we are empowered to deliver streamlined manufacturing processes that enhance efficiency, precision, and productivity. Through this collaboration, our clients gain access to state-of-the-art sensors, measurement systems, vision systems, and more, which are pivotal in optimizing their production lines and ensuring top-notch product quality. With Keyence as our partner, we can offer tailored automation solutions that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations, ultimately boosting their competitiveness in the market.
Furthermore, our affiliation with Keyence opens a gateway to ongoing technological advancements and comprehensive support. Keyence’s renowned expertise in research and development means our clients benefit from solutions that are at the forefront of innovation, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing automation. The direct collaboration also means that our engineering team is well-versed in integrating Keyence technologies seamlessly into diverse manufacturing environments. This partnership translates into reduced implementation time, minimized disruptions, and quicker returns on investment for our clients. Our collaboration with Keyence empowers us to provide holistic and forward-looking manufacturing automation solutions that drive operational excellence for our clients and position them for sustained success.

Channel Partner - Rockwell Automation - Horizontal

Rockwell Automation | Industrial Controls Platform Partner

Allen-Bradley Silver Partner

The strategic partnership between Andrews Cooper and Rockwell Automation brings significant benefits to clients seeking custom manufacturing automation solutions. By partnering with Rockwell Automation, Andrews Cooper gains access to their expertise, extensive product portfolio, and integrated architecture approach. This enables Andrews Cooper to deliver cutting-edge, scalable, and flexible automation solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs. Additionally, clients benefit from reliable support, industry leadership, and competitive advantages, including improved operational efficiency, increased productivity, reduced downtime, and enhanced profitability. Overall, the partnership empowers Andrews Cooper to provide superior automation solutions that drive clients’ success in the manufacturing industry.

This strategic partnership delivers advanced automation solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs, supported by industry expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio. This partnership ensures seamless integration, scalability, and flexibility, resulting in improved operational efficiency and increased profitability for clients.

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