AC | Automation Service & Support

Leverage AC’s team of expert support engineers and technicians to keep your manufacturing and test equipment operating at its best.

In your dynamic environment, it can be challenging to predict what kind of help you will need and when you’ll need it. AC’s Flex Support is structured so getting the help you need is as easy and fast as asking.

AC can supplement your team or fully own the service and support of your equipment. Together, we will develop a custom fit support plan for your unique needs.

How It Works

Develop a Support Plan

We work with you to develop a support plan based on your objectives and anticipated needs.

Specify Duration

You specify the support period: from 1 to 4 quarters.

Establish a Budget

Your fixed-price support budget is based on the support plan and duration.

How We Help

Easy Access & Flexible Usage

AC will provide a single point of contact for all your service and support needs: scheduling, oversight of work, reporting, invoicing, etc.

When You Have a Need – Just Ask

Your budget can be spent on any support activities you choose during the support period.
No need to issue multiple POs for each support request – one Flex Support account is all you need!

Convenient Invoicing

Invoices are sent on a quarterly basis for the portion of your budget spent to date.

Flex Support Benefits

Your Service & Support budget covers any of these support activities:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will I know how much of my budget has been spent?

Monthly statements are provided for visibility and so you can monitor your budget.
We will notify you when 75% of your budget has been spent.

What if I don’t use all my budget during my support period?

We will check in with you when 75% of the support period has lapsed and can work to schedule final support activities or use the remaining balance to purchase spare parts.

I have other equipment that AC didn’t design that needs support. Can AC support that equipment too?

Absolutely. Although there are more unknowns with equipment that AC didn’t design (state of documentation, availability of spare parts, etc.), our expert engineers and technicians are skilled at navigating those situations.

If I have requested support within the support period, but resources are not available until after the period has ended, can I carry over funding?

Funding carryover is allowed if AC is not able to provide support within the support period due to resource availability or conflicts. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

How will I know how much of my budget has been spent?

If Flex Support is not the right fit, we can provide support via our Work Order model: