Design Synergies

Our expertise in both product development and automation allow us to view development from a broader perspective.

We view projects from the context of both production and development. While we can deliver your products and the automated systems for their manufacture and test, our global perspective informs both sides of the equation.

Leveraging Experience with Product and Automation System Development

Andrews-Cooper has the unique ability to leverage specialized experience between our diverse portfolio of product and automation system development projects. Areas of synergy include:

  • Experience developing automated systems for manufacturing and test informs our approaches to designing products for manufacturability.
  • Medical device regulatory and safety experience helps to ensure that our consumer products and automation system designs are robust, safe and reliable.
  • Experience developing high-volume, low-cost consumer products improves our understanding as to how to lower the costs of medical devices and increase the throughput of automated manufacturing systems.
  • Extremely fast time-to-market required by automation systems has created within A-C efficient, high-performing teams and high productivity levels enjoyed across all of our projects.
  • Extensive knowledge gained working with controllers, actuators, sensors, lasers, vision systems, robots, motion control systems, wireless and wired protocols, and a wide variety of other custom and off-the-shelf components and subsystems, can be applied to medical devices, consumer products and automation systems.