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AC is the only enterprise grade engineering firm to combine deep expertise in the development of electro-mechanical products and their custom automation environments.

Concurrent creation of new products with automated inspection, assembly and test capabilities enables otherwise impossible breakthroughs in design, performance and manufacturability.

If you’ve got an ambitious technology commercialization mission that needs a partner dedicated to helping you all the way to the the 100% right-fit solution, and if you value collaborative working relationships built on trust, we’d love to meet you. We promise we won’t waste your time with a bunch of sales talk – you’ll be connected with a Subject Matter Expert right away and we’ll start adding value to your Mission from the very first call.

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We’ve built Andrews Cooper intentionally: seeking visionary people who take pride in their work, who are relentlessly curious, and who know that success on missions that matter is always delivered as a team.

The strength of our community is the engine that drives us forward, together.

If you are really good at what you do, thrive on collaboration, and never want to stop learning, we would love to meet you.

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