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2300 SW 2nd St Suite A McMinnville, OR 97128

Our McMinnville office connects you with AC’s corporate headquarters. McMinnville is home to our cofounders, Neal Andrews and Steve Cooper, and our company’s origins and early history.

The Andrews Cooper Origin Story

Back in 1999, Neal and Steve had to decide their futures after learning that their Hewlett-Packard place of work was relocating from McMinnville, Oregon across the country to Boston, Massachusetts.

They loved their work at HP but knew that relocating to Boston wasn’t the right thing for their growing families.

Instead, they decided to build a company together – a company by engineers, for engineers. They wanted full expression of the HP Rules of the Garage and to elevate the practice of device engineering to its highest potential.

The community they built became known for its respect for excellence, dedication to teamwork, and positive contribution to the betterment of the world.

For well over 20 years, Neal and Steve’s vision has resonated with their customers and employees to form a vibrant community working together to engineer the impossible.

A Culture Built to Last

Andrews Cooper succeeds because of our engineering acumen and our cultural and behavioral values established by Neal and Steve.

Our values stand the test of time and transcend changes across society and generations.

Andrews Cooper endures to serve our customers through visionary people who take pride in their work, are relentlessly curious, and know that success is always delivered as a team.

The strength of our community is the engine that drives us forward, together.

Looking Back with Gratitude; Driving Forward Together

We’re incredibly thankful to Neal and Steve who invested serious thought into the shape and purpose of AC. Their vision for AC is our north star and source of inspiration.

Today, our Co-CEOs, Joe Harsany and Tyler Smith, along with all of our executive leadership, continue to ensure that same purpose and culture.

If you want to connect with AC, but aren’t sure where to start, connect with our McMinnville location today. We’ll get you partnered up with the right teams across Oregon and Washington.


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