Developing Your Medical Device for a Growing Home Treatment Market.

Meeting a Unique Challenge

An approach to help successfully develop medical devices for consumers.

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The Challenges of Developing Medical Devices for consumersTraditional medical device development processes do not yield products with the lower costs, higher volumes, shorter time-to-market, and more frequent replacement cycles needed to succeed in consumer markets.  Andrews-Cooper has 16 years of experience working in both the medical device and consumer product markets.  With this perspective we have guided our customers in how best to leverage leading practices from each industry.  This paper summarizes our current recommended approach.


  • Important new market opportunities are emerging as medical devices move from hospitals to homes.
  • Design for this use can require fundamentally different approaches than medical device companies practice today.
  • Medical device firms can learn from leading practices of the consumer products industry.

Read how leading practices from the consumer product industry can help medical device companies meet new challenges as care increasingly moves from clinical settings into the home.

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