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Startup businesses, like those raising funds on Kickstarter, face many challenges when trying to develop a niche product out of a compelling idea. Kickstarter product

Every year, millions of medical devices, among them electrocardiogram (ECG) devices, are conceived and presented for FDA assessment. Nonetheless, a considerable portion of these innovations

What happens when your head hits a wall at 18 MPH? Nothing good, we can assure you, and yet those kinds of impacts are a

One of the big pleasures of engineering is discovering creative solutions to complex problems. A few years ago, we worked on a healthcare product for

In 2017 AC partnered with Hemex Health to provide rapid prototyping of a medical device that could enter the field as soon as possible. The

De-Risked Solutions for Manufacturing Automation As we discussed in Safety Part 2, through a Safety Risk Analysis (SRA), our engineers are able to help you

Valve Index VR System Development – 2017/2018 Fast forward to 2017. Once Valve determined to develop their own VR system – the Valve Index –

An IET Hybrid Approach to Engineering Resources To innovate the future of gaming hardware development is to engineer at a high level in an extremely



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