AC Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

On March 1, 2023, Andrews Cooper celebrated its 23rd anniversary across our offices and facilities in Oregon and Washington. Our colleagues enjoyed some time together just enjoying this sweet milestone with a slice of (what else) cake!

Andrews Cooper Origins
Original AC Crew: Steve V. Cooper, Dan Canfield, and Neal Andrews in AC’s first office and current headquarters in McMinnville, OR.

We asked AC’s Founders, Neal Andrews and Steve Cooper, if there was anything on their mind as they reflected on the success of the company as well as what lies ahead.

“This anniversary is a time to look back a bit and reflect. The company-wide team has been working hard on AC’s culture and has made a lot of progress improving our employee engagement surveys and net promotor scores.”

Early Days of AC
Long time AC Electrical Engineer Rick Myers testing medical devices in McMinnville, OR

“There will be some challenges in 2023 for sure. The economy remains shaky and we see signs that our competitors and customers are struggling a bit. Some of our anticipated projects look like they will be delayed, so we will need to replace that work quickly. Looking forward to this year in 2023, we need to will focus on continuing to improve on AC’s commitment to project execution and delivery. Job satisfaction for us has always been tied to delivering exceptional work product, on time and within budget.”

Andrews Cooper 20th Year Celebration
AC 20th Anniversary Celebration
AC 20th Anniversary Neal Andrews Speech
AC 20th Anniversary Steve Cooper Speech

Co-Founders Neal Andrews and Steve V. Cooper take turns speaking at AC’s 20th Anniversary in March 2020

“The future is bright. Leveraging our 2022 success, we are optimistic about a good 2023. Our business development engine is working well and our marketing team had a great showing at ATX West. We have never been positioned better as a company. We are able to read and react quickly to our key indicators and be responsive to the changing business climate.”

AC Cofounder Charmaine Cooper and Wife Cece Andrews
Cece Andrews and Co-Founder Charmaine Cooper

“Fun at work is imperative. Back in the day, we were commissioned to create the world’s most rugged defibrillator. Codenamed ‘Xpress,’ we drove on, submerged, and threw this machine off a roof. It took a licking and still kept ticking. The most rewarding work we have done is when we had to get creative to solve something difficult. So, keep having fun everyone as you solve our client’s toughest challenges.”

AC 23rd Anniversary Year in Review
AC meets up at the Oregon coast for Ocean Blue Project

“We just want to say thank you to all of our employees for your amazing contributions to AC.”

Founders and Co CEOS 2023
Left to Right: Steve V. Cooper, Joe Harsany, Neal Andrews, and Tyler Smith.

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