CODESYS Integrator | ATX West 2023, Part 4

CODESYS Integration

Andrews Cooper is the only CODESYS Integrator on the West Coast

Through decades of implementations and migrations with many automation platforms, AC has created a transposable architecture for platforms like Rockwell, Siemens, and CODESYS. Our architecture, combined with depth of experience, helps us quickly understand your platform needs and quickly develop new or cross-compatible solutions.

> Jumpstart your development through our engineering and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) expertise by targeting the best solutions to leverage AC’s existing base architecture.
> Achieve a high level of performance and functionality even if you’re facing hardware and budget restrictions.
> Explore hardware alternatives when you’re blocked by the supply chain and/or device limitations.

The CODESYS agile development platform enables AC to engineer software-based PLCs (Soft PLCs) for clients seeking automation hardware-independence or key functionality.

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CODESYS Integrator Transcription:

At Andrews Cooper we’re an identified system partner for CODESYS and CODESYS is a very interesting alternative in the market for a lot of the incumbent controls architectures and an overlay and controls software.

As we all know, one of the biggest obstacles in Automation today is the supply chain issues that have come about via some of the long-lasting effects of Covid and also some of the challenges of the conflict in Ukraine and so on. What CODESYS is bringing to the table is a hardware agnostic control system which allows you to translate across a number of different formats. That hardware independence is critical for the long functioning operation of your automation systems and protecting your manufacturing capability.

We partner with a lot of different groups in a lot of different manners to provide CODESYS a sort, either on the ground up development of new systems, the retroactive implementation on existing systems that you have in your manufacturing or your R&D environment or in development phases as well. We can act in a consultant basis or as a turnkey vendor providing a system based upon CODESYS.

There’s some additional benefits which stand out for CODESYS over some of the other incumbent options. The primary being the adaptability and scalability. When you are designing and developing an automation system, often you’ll wish to begin that development before the hardware purchase lands on the floor, before you built out the full control panel. CODESYS has the benefit of being able to work on a virtual PLC on a laptop, on a Raspberry Pi for instance, and then be scaled into your long-term solution. That allows you to start small and cheap, allow you to start very quickly, and then scale as appropriately. As you gain experience and gain robustness in your solution, or as you build out the controls architecture of the long-term hardened system.

Another benefit of CODESYS is its speed. Acting in microseconds is opposed to millisecond response times. And this is excellent and very complex testing, initiative reaction situations. The flexibility of CODESYS is one of the things that is really standing out as we begin the journey of broader implementation of CODESYS systems. It really does bring a platform that can apply on any section of your organization from the very early state R&D, very fast-term initiative all the way into the long-standing, long-term stable manufacturing solution.

And it’s that flexibility, that universality of the solution that comes in at a very low cost that makes it very appealing to a lot of smaller organizations who are looking to ramp up quickly and make the most out of the funding that they have.

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