Aesthetics & Design for Injection Molding | Materials Selection Guide, Part 3

Aesthetics & Design for Injection Molding

Because the visual appeal of your design immediately communicates the quality of your product and your brand, we target injection molding materials and treatments that convey the premium quality of your design without compromising functionality.

Our objective is to ensure product functionality of internal mechanisms and keep the intent of your industrial design intact. It may be helpful to separate cosmetic and mechanical components or identify compelling reasons to combine functionality and increase design margins.

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Aesthetic Requirements

The key to managing aesthetic requirements is ensuring a balance – there must be simplicity in the design that minimizes the complexity and number of parts while realizing your premium design.

Designing for injection molding with a focus on the aesthetics of the end product requires this thoughtful balance between form and function. When selecting a surface finish or treatment, consider aesthetics, product requirements, durability, cost, and manufacturing constraints.

Aesthetic Requirements

Material Considerations


> Cosmetic appeal
> Color
> Transparency
> Gloss


> Texture
> Grip
> Sound-dampening
> Vibration-dampening

Branding & Artwork

> Color accuracy
> Embossing
> Stamping
> Painting

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Product Design Requirements

Surface finishes and treatments significantly enhance the aesthetics of injection-molded parts and can improve functionality, durability, and user experience.

Because each polymer subgroup yields differing cosmetic and aesthetic properties, AC Product Development Engineers can target materials compatible with specific material finishes or treatments your product requires.

Experimenting with different options during the prototyping phase can help you find the most suitable finish for your injection-molded product. Here are a few AC suggestions:

Design Requirements

Branding & Artwork

Printed Symbols, Graphics, or Designs onto Flat or Smoothly Curved Surfaces

Etched Markings or Artwork

Metal Parts Finishing

Material Finishes and/or Treatments

> Painting

> Pad Printing

> Laser Engraving

> Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM)

Selecting suitable materials for your injection-molded product is critical in achieving the desired aesthetics and functionality. You can create a visually appealing product that meets your requirements by exploring various material options, selecting materials, and evaluating surface finishes. Before committing to mass production, remember to prototype and test your designs to ensure they meet aesthetic and functional goals.



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