Robot Integration Advantages with FANUC

Robot Integration Advantages with FANUC

Many today might not know that FANUC was the first to develop a programmable computer numerical control (CNC) machine. In fact, the trade name, FANUC, is an acronym for Fuji Automatic Numeric Control. Over the decades, FANUC strategically diversified from its core CNC base to become a worldwide producer of factory automation technologies and robotics. Through our strategic relationship, we provide custom robot integration to the manufacturing automation industry as a FANUC Authorized System Integrator (ASI).

Successful robot integration requires robots and technologies that are customizable, enable a rapid response time, and deliver repeatable performance. That’s where FANUC shines. From their diverse series of durable and customizable robots that fit nearly any industry or application, to robot simulation software that boosts programming efficiency, to scrupulous technical documentation that keeps our teams moving forward, FANUC speeds up and simplifies the journey of robot integration.

Balancing Application Complexities with Robot Integration Factors

Our role as a FANUC integrator is to ensure a successful match between the application and the robot. To do this, we work closely with our clients to understand and balance the unique complexities of their functional and manufacturing requirements. FANUC’s Robot Finder Tool is the start of a larger journey to determine the right robot integration technologies for the application.

Applying decades of experience, we balance each of the competing performance factors, such as complex motion, robot reach, movement speed, load capacity, footprint, and more, to find the right robot technology.

For automated manufacturing and assembly, it’s typically SCARA, gantry (Cartesian), or, most often, articulated six-axis robots that provide the highest overall performance. Six-axis robots move with complex, humanlike dexterity and are versatile, robust, quick, and precise – ideal for many manufacturing automation systems.

RESOURCE CREDIT | FANUC Automation Robotics


Rapid Robot Programming with FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE Simulator

Without simulation software, waiting for the right time to program a robot can require patience. Depending on the extent and complexity of a build, it might take weeks or even months before a robot is connected and ready to learn its role. It’s a process of hurrying up and waiting through a necessarily gated progress.

But with dynamic digital twin software, our controls engineers gain a significant jumpstart on programming in a virtual environment for faster robot integration. Although developed decades ago, FANUC’s robot programming software, ROBOGUIDE, is still a game-changer for controls developers.

Accelerated Controls Programming, in Parallel with Mechanical Design

From the outset of a project, we can begin programming in the simulator immediately – even before the robot arrives. Using ROBOGUIDE, we work in parallel with the mechanical design team. Programming efficiency can increase by as much as 80-90% instead of through a linear gated process.

Robot Integration Insights through Virtual Proof-of-Concepts

For some engineering challenges, developing a proof-of-concept (PoC) simulation for our clients is more cost-effective. Before they invest in a robot integration solution, we can test our concepts in ROBOGUIDE.

With a simulator, we don’t need to wonder: “Can our robot move this way? Can it pivot about an axis quickly enough? Will the motion be cumbersome or cause any damage to delicate parts?” In ROBOGUIDE, we can build our virtual robot, simulate parts, and test for motion complexities, cycle speeds, and interactions with tooling, components, and other robots.

AC Simulation Test in ROBOGUIDE

A digital twin also reproduces virtual cycle times that are accurate, highly reliable, and comparable to real-world performance. We can start with known parameters, like moving an object 15 inches in a 30-second interval or performing a complex maneuver accurately within a fraction of a percent. With key requirements, we can simulate a design in ROBOGUIDE with assurance that our motion and cycle times are achievable.

Efficient Testing & Validation with High Positional Accuracy

In ROBOGUIDE, controls architectures, like Dual Check Safety (DCS), are also configurable. In a simulator, we configure and test the parameters of the safety system while avoiding time-consuming safety resets.

Image showing FANUC robot teach interface
ROBOGUIDE Virtual Environment & Robot Controller UI

Because ROBOGUIDE simulates the digital environment so well, accuracy is high, and fine-tuning with the actual system is minimal. After porting the coordinates to the installed robot, offset adjustments are in the neighborhood of just a few millimeters based on rough positioning. With a more precise positioning effort, retouches become micro-adjustments.

FANUC Technical Documentation for A-Z Answers

Last, but not least, FANUC is well known for its scrupulous documentation, providing information down to the smallest detail. With FANUC, it feels like you can find “anything” in their manuals: from pinouts to part numbers and part substitutions, to detailed diagrams and schematics. There are specifications for every possible feature or connection, programming instructions and sequences, and much more. We’re always confident that we’ll find the right answers to our questions, from A-Z.

RESOURCE CREDIT: FANUC | LR Mate 200iD/7H Specifications

Through FANUC’s comprehensive documentation, our team has the resources they need to pivot quickly, solve problems, and develop solutions at an accelerated pace.

Ready for a FANUC robotic system?

Image showing an abstract concept of robot integration and automation technologies

As an Authorized System Integrator (ASI) for FANUC, we understand how to leverage our broad engineering disciplines with robotics technologies to develop the right solutions for your unique manufacturing challenges.

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Let AC create a rapid, customized robot integration solution for you with FANUC’s technologies.

  • Are you looking to solve accuracy and repeatability through robot integration?
  • Do you have a complex assembly or manufacturing challenge and need help developing a scalable, automated system?

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