Rules of the Garage

Founders Neal & Steve

Neal and Steve each worked for HP for 15+ years before founding AC

HP and the Rules of the Garage taught them how to develop leading edge products in a very employee friendly work environment.

HP Rules of the Garage

Many of AC’s values and best practices are modeled from what Neal and Steve learned at HP:

Trust and respect for our people:

Believe that everyone wants to do a good job, and it is important that they enjoy their work

Treat everyone right:

Follow the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated

Communication is key:

Nothing beats personal, two-way communication for fostering cooperation and teamwork

Attitude is important:

Technical competence is a must, but a positive attitude is what really sets our people apart

Manage by objective:

Objectives are best achieved by people who understand and support them and who are allowed the flexibility in working toward common goals

Manage by walking around:

Know your team members and genuinely understand the work they are doing

Open door policy:

Be visible and accessible. Create an environment where everyone feels free to express their ideas, opinions, problems, and concerns

Make a contribution:

Making significant contributions maximizes both job satisfaction and customer value

Recognize and reward achievements:

Create an environment where people have the chance to be their best, to realize their potential, and be recognized for their achievements

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Want more detail? We recommend the book The HP Way by David Packard.



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