Pure Bending Test Fixture

The Client was challenged to create a mechanical testing system that ensured high quality testing data while also optimizing the operator experience. A testing system previously in use produced data with several issues that impacted the Client’s ability to innovate its future products. The system required safe, intuitive, and ergonomic operation with the capability to accommodate a wide range of test materials and forms.


  • Improved ergonomics and safety
  • Optimized design for testing data quality and user experience
  • Accommodates a multitude of materials types and forms

A-C Responsibilities

  • Requirements Development
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Functional Verification
  • Performance Assessment and Testing
  • Deploy

System Features

  • Custom designed and fabricated superstructure, rotating and stationary part clamps, part length adjustment, low-friction X-Y stage, and one-hand height adjustment
  • Fully-integrated power and control system with custom LabVIEW interface
  • Rotary encoder and torque transducer for accurate data integrity
  • Low pressure and high pressure clamping force controls
  • Real time capture of sample bending angle and torque

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