Textile Winder

The Client was challenged to create a system that would combine assembly and inspection of existing manufacturing operations into a single semi-automated system. The system must align the product while freeing operator attention to inspection operations during assembly. The goal is to improve product quality, while also reducing manufacturing costs due to scrap and product rework. Safety of the system is critical to the Client’s values requiring comprehensive risk mitigations for the final system.


  • Improved ergonomics and safety
  • Reduced scrap, waste and cycle time
  • Fully adjustable to a variety of textile sizes and types

A-C Responsibilities

  • Requirements/Concepts Development
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Deploy

System Features

  • Integrated inspection and assembly operations for improved quality
  • Custom superstructure, high-output LED light inspection table, speed control, and full product adjustment features
  • Intuitive human machine interface for system monitoring and control
  • Foot switch controls to enable full operator attention to quality assembly and inspection
  • Safety relay, torque limitation, and e-stop system for energy control

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