Developing Automation Plan

Automation Roadmap

Andrews-Cooper can show you how creating an Automation Roadmap increases manufacturing yield, lowers COGS, improves quality, and enhances safety.

Dozens of Andrews-Cooper customers from a variety of industries including medical, consumer products, automotive, industrial, and semi-conductor have realized the benefits of automation for manufacturing and test processes: part handling, pick and place, regression testing, fluid dispensing, welding, part inspection and measurement, laser marking, packaging, and many other complex operations.

Knowing how to spend your limited resources to get the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) can be difficult.

With our deep expertise in manufacturing, product design, and factory automation, Andrews-Cooper is uniquely qualified to help you make those decisions by developing your Automation Roadmap, a detailed analysis and plan focused on improving your manufacturing processes in the most cost-effective way. The preliminary analysis captures a list of opportunities, estimated cost, ROI calculations, and corresponding value represented by each. We then prioritize and recommend an implementation to match your budget and cash flow allowances. We’re also able to sit with your finance team to ensure the full value of your investment is captured.

Here’s what we do:

  • Work with your Leadership Team –Andrews-Cooper will meet with your leadership team and key stakeholders. We want to get to know you, your products, and the culture of your organization.
  • Hear your Challenges – We will ask you to share the manufacturing challenges you face; what are the bottlenecks, what steps have the greatest impact on yield, what steps are labor intensive or require highly skilled labor, what is your greatest safety and human factors concern, etc.
  • Understand your Manufacturing Process –You will give us a thorough tour of your manufacturing facility; we will observe each process and interview operators to fully understand your manufacturing process.
  • Identify Opportunities – We will identify opportunities to increase yields, lower costs, improve quality, and enhance safety and ergonomics.
  • Score Opportunities – Each opportunity will be scored based on criteria unique to your company. Examples include ROI, yield, cost, safety, productivity and module efficiency. The scoring criteria can be weighted based on your priorities.
  • Develop Roadmap – We will develop a roadmap that prioritizes the opportunities that score well with an implementation strategy and is compatible with your constraints.

With a detailed Automation Roadmap in hand, Andrews-Cooper will help you implement your improvements with custom automation, documentation, installation, qualification, preventative maintenance, and reliable support.