AC Managed Engineering Services

Managed Engineering Services

Our clients face a never-ending search for engineering talent to support and address their business challenges while they juggle time and financial pressures.

Maybe you’re having the same experience.

If so, you may be navigating the lengthy and risky process of hiring a new employee or taking a chance with a staffing agency.

At Andrews-Cooper we believe there’s a better way.

  • First, we listen to your challenges to understand your needs and the talent you seek.
  • Then we deploy one or more experienced Andrews-Cooper engineers to join your team for as long as you need them.
  • If you need additional support to solve your challenge, we offer the expertise of our entire engineering team and design centers.

Here is what our customers say about us:

  • Andrews-Cooper delivers high-quality engineers faster than we can hire, without the risk.
  • Andrews-Cooper Engineers are collaborative. They have positive attitude, critical thinking and problem-solving skills without the drama.
  • Andrews-Cooper engineers hit the ground running and quickly make an impact.

Guaranteed to Work

We are so committed to your success that we are willing to guarantee our services. Should we fail to deliver in any way, you may deduct any amount you deem appropriate from your next Invoice, period.

Welcome to Managed Engineering Services by Andrews-Cooper.

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