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Consumer Product Development

Andrews-Cooper’s experience around consumer product development stems from our two founders early days with Hewlett-Packard. Our work with HP continues today with the development of high-speed printer modules including paper feeders, sorters and finishers. Our consumer product development resume has expanded to include wearables, health and wellness devices, sports and leisure products, and gaming controllers for major consumer product companies such as Microsoft and Philips, specialty market leaders, plus several other well-known brands and start-ups.

Consumer products present a combination of development challenges ranging from fast time to market, to innovative low cost designs, and high-volume production.  We invite you to learn more about our consumer product development capabilities on the following pages:

  • Services We Offer – Let us tell you about the various services we are able to offer.
  • Engineering Capabilities – See what engineering capabilities we have at Andrews-Cooper
  • How We Work – Learn about our flexible engagement models, extensive engineering experience, and our approaches for quality management and project management.
  • Quality Management – Read about how we provide the flexibility to work within our client’s development processes or use our own ISO 9001 compliant best-industry practices.
  • Featured Specialties – Explore a sampling of the technologies and technical approaches that we are using in consumer products today.
  • Recent Areas of Work – Learn about some of our recently completed consumer product development projects.

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