Featured Specialties

The following pages provide more detailed information about some of the key engineering specialties that we bring to our consumer product development products.

  • Wearables Engineering – Learn about the engineering skills we bring to the development of innovative wearable devices.
  • Rugged Portable Design – Explore the technical challenges of designing small, light, low-cost products that are rugged enough to withstand everyday use and abuse.
  • Design for Excellence – Read about how we apply best practices to optimize designs for cost, reliability, manufacturability and other key factors.
  • Mechanism Design – Learn how we can apply our extensive experience designing complex mechanisms to simplify your product
  • High-Volume Design – Read about how we apply design for manufacturing, assembly and test to optimize the costs of high-volume manufacturing
  • Connected Devices – See how Andrews-Cooper is helping our clients ensure that mobile connected devices DO exceed the world’s population soon!