High-Volume Manufacturing

Andrews-Cooper has successfully transitioned dozens of consumer products to manufacturing – both onshore and overseas, and both to our client’s in-house manufacturing departments and contract manufacturers selected by A-C or by our client.

Many consumer products are sold at volumes of hundreds of thousands or even millions of units per year.  Typically, margins are low.   Therefore, both BOM costs and manufacturing costs must be minimized.

During product development, Andrews-Cooper works closely with the manufacturer to optimize the design for manufacturability, assembly and test.  We employ multiple design-build-test cycles to refine tooling and designs and thoroughly test the production prototype units produced by the manufacturer.

Andrews-Cooper has the unique capabilities to develop both the high-volume products and the automated systems needed to manufacture those products.  Even in situations where our scope is focused on product development, we leverage our extensive manufacturing automation experience during every every step of product development.

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