Mechanism Design

At the heart of much of our consumer device work is the need to design and build complex mechanisms.  This complexity is driven from constraints in:

  • Space
  • Functional Requirements
  • Reliability
  • Product Life
  • Cost

Since our founding, Andrews-Cooper has worked extensively with the leading manufacturer of computer printers.  We have developed high-speed printer modules for paper feeding, sorting and finishing for a wide variety of types and sizes or media.

Successful mechanism design involves Andrews-Cooper’s multi-disciplinary approach for combining best practices in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and firmware and controls engineering.

We leverage our extensive experience gained designing and integrating mechanisms for automation systems that are used for manufacturing, test and engineering.  These systems employ six-axis robots, linear slides and rotary mechanisms for material movement, parts alignment, sorting and batching, and manipulation and processing.  Various sensors and actuators are used to achieve repeatable, precision-controlled processes.  Read more about our Automation Systems Development Experience.