Rugged Portable Design

Recent Work to IEC Standard includes

Many consumer products must be designed to withstand harsh usage and even reasonably foreseeable misuse. This means that the product can be dropped, and subjected to levels of shock and vibration that could lead to failures and unhappy users.  Going back to our mechanical engineering roots, Andrews-Cooper has extensive experience designing rugged low-cost products that meet or exceed both industry standards and market expectations.

Rechargeable and Replacement Battery Technology Experience

Portable consumer products require battery power. A-C has experience with a variety of battery technologies and has designed rechargeable battery solutions as well as replaceable battery solutions with low-power electronics that provide battery life of a year or more. We can perform a trade-off analysis to select the best solution for cost, user convenience, long product run times, size and weight.

Certified to IEC 60529 Standard

Andrews-Cooper has many years of experience designing products that are sealed against harmful ingress of particles and liquids. Our designs have been certified to the IEC 60529 standard. The following engineering techniques have been used to achieve required ingress protection:

  • Die Cut Gaskets / Labels
  • Extruded Tubing / O-rings
  • Insert Molded Seals
  • Overmolded Cables
  • Potted Connectors
  • Compression Molded Buttons
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Solvent Bonding