Class III Sustaining Engineering Work

Andrews-Cooper has worked 100s of sustaining engineering projects to help our clients reduce cost, improve safety or streamline production.  Often these are a great “first project” thus we provide some detail around past efforts:

Stamped Metal Part Design

Replaced a metal plates with overmolded buttons with a stamped metal part for 27% BOM savings

Molded Plastic Design

Replaced an assembly of multiple sheet metal parts with a single molded plastic design for 22% BOM savings

Connector Design

Design a backwards-compatible connector to enable a new vendor to ramp as an alternative supplier.  Discovered issues in the original design leading to misalignment and distortion due to part sticking in tool.  The correction resulted in field performance improvements.

PCB Board Redesign

With introduction of a new FPGA, Andrews-Cooper redesigned the circuity.  This involved:

  • FPGA selection
  • Porting VHDL Code
  • Creation and execution of test plans
  • Document test results for compliance with IEC 60601-1 2nd edition

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