Health & Wellness

Our two featured health and wellness devices are wearables oriented toward enhancing the users’ fitness experience.  Andrews-Cooper is uniquely positioned to leverage our extensive medical device experience to create advanced consumer products like wearable health and wellness devices.   The regulatory and development processes for medical devices are a lot more stringent, but the essential technologies embedded in wearable consumer devices are very similar.  In the end, knowing that your engineering partner has mastered the rigorous quality processes associated with medical devices, provides a high level of assurance that your fitness device will safe and effective meeting all of your customers’ expectations.

Fitness Band

A small technology development shop with unique technology needed engineering resources to partner with a leading sporting goods manufacturer toward design and manufacturer of a fitness band.  Andrews-Cooper completed initial development of a wearable wrist sensor band that collects data such as heart rate while being powered by the user’s body heat.  The band leverages a proprietary thermoelectric module that was still under active scientific development.


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Medical Product Case Studies