Onsite and Hybrid Engineering Services

When you need to complement your internal engineering team with high-quality engineering resources, Andrews-Cooper offers unrivaled staff augmentation solutions.

Whether you need specialized technical expertise or additional staff to meet aggressive project objectives, or if you find yourself venturing into novel product development areas or technologies, Andrews-Cooper is the right engineering services partner.

We provide options for both onsite and hybrid engagements.

With onsite engineering services, our resources work at your facility performing tasks assigned by your project managers. Hybrid models provide a blend of onsite and offsite A-C presence to fit within your space and management constraints. In some cases, our clients prefer that individual staff members perform some of their work at our facilities combined with onsite time for more intense collaboration with your staff. In other cases, they prefer our technical leads to work onsite with additional A-C resources working at our facilities.

A-C provides numerous options for product development engineering services.

The chart below illustrates the Onsite and Hybrid models, as well as Turnkey Project outsourcing, in terms of A-C staff’s onsite presence and degree of project management provided by A-C. Our flexible engagement models allow us to tailor an optimal approach for your specific business situation and constraints.

Unlike other suppliers who simply assign their resources and then adopt a “fire and forget” attitude toward your success, Andrews-Cooper provides managed onsite and hybrid engineering services. Our senior management staff provides ongoing oversight of the assigned engineering staff to ensure that our resources fully meet your expectations on all of their assigned tasks. Every project is likely to encounter unanticipated issues; with the Andrews-Cooper oversight approach, we help you identify these issues before they become problems and then work closely with you to find the best mitigations and solutions.

Andrews-Cooper is a product development company. Our engineers know how to get the job done – producing high-quality work products while meeting your budget and schedule. As needed, we can apply the proven best practices from our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant Quality Management System. We also have extensive experience using our clients’ product development processes.

Collaboration, ownership, and transparency are the cornerstones of all of our engineering services – from onsite to hybrid, to complete turnkey product development services. Our core values drive the work performed by our staff through every assigned task and every interaction with your staff.

Our assigned onsite engineering resources are backed by our full engineering staff.

When they need an outside perspective on how to solve a challenging technical problem, the onsite engineers can draw on Andrews-Cooper’s successful experience developing hundreds of medical devices, consumer products, and automation systems.

Our talented engineering staff is ready to help your project achieve success across all of its objectives.

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