Focus on Startups:                                 Getting your Innovative New product
to market 

Inventors/entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of commercialization.

Finding the fastest and most cost-effective path to market

Startup companies are launched with a great idea that has high growth potential. Establishing a repeatable and scalable business is all about turning that great idea into a successful product. Of course, a great idea is almost worthless without effective execution. To get to market successfully your product development team must be able to deliver despite tight budgets, aggressive target dates, and an evolving product concept and feature set.

Many startups find that they achieve faster and more cost-effective execution using a seasoned product development partner. They know product development is not an innovative flash of brilliance – it is an arduous road trip with a pothole lurking around almost every bend.  A development partner can rapidly ramp up a team that has successfully traveled the road many times before and can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Every development project has a unique set of challenges. We know because we have served as the development partner for numerous start-ups in both the commercial and medical device markets. For startups, successful execution is critical: while a large, established company can usually absorb a project failure, startups often cannot. Successful execution is essential to survival.

A proven product development process for startups

Andrews-Cooper offers a flexible, predictable, proven product development process that is able to ‘right size’ not only the development team but also the product realization process to fit your specific project needs. In addition, we focus our development strategy so that it fits our client’s constraints and opportunities.

Our customized “best possible” approach to product development can address complex technology challenges requiring several “design, build, test” cycles and meet fast time to market targets requiring parallel execution.

The approach is collaborative and transparent. We interact with you to determine the maturity of the design and become involved in the creation process anywhere from earliest ideation and concept feasibility prototyping through to transforming the innovative idea into a product that can be manufactured.

Andrews-Cooper offers a pool of project managers who know how to get projects done on time and within budget while providing the quality and precision needed.”

Whatever the need, Andrews-Cooper can work with you to understand your constraints and create a specialized approach that is perfect for your product.

Building the product development team

A major challenge encountered by do-it-yourself entrepreneurs is recruiting, hiring engineering staff and forming a development team. Often recruiting the right mix of specialized talent is a difficult task to accomplish. Tasks include:

  • Identifying the skill sets necessary
  • Recruiting specific team members to meet the overall goals
  • Creating infrastructure – collecting the engineering processes necessary to work the project efficiently
  • Building a real team that is engaged and pulling together toward your goal
  • Allowing the team to ‘gel’ and become functional.

In the end, team dynamics can be hard to predict and manage especially when high-energy people that you need come with strong personalities and their own favorite ways of doing things. In contrast, Andrews-Cooper can often quickly assemble the right team for your project. Our professionals have worked together on multiple projects. We know our people and hand-pick the specialized talent needed for your project.

The Anatomy of a Product Development Team

High-performance teams are highly focused on their goals and they consistently achieve superior business results. At Andrews-Cooper our project teams focus on delivering extraordinary value and doing everything we can to help ensure our clients are successful.

Our product development teams are led by a project manager who keeps the team laser-focused on the project’s objectives including budget, schedule and quality.   Effective stakeholder communication and collaboration are especially important when working with startups to ensure that the product design hits the mark and to provides transparency for project progress and technical decisions.

The project team includes all the necessary engineering staff (e.g. ME, EE, SW/FW).  Industrial design is critical to the early ideation and product design concept and manufacturing specialists are critical to the latter stages of development.  Technology specialists might be needed in areas such as wireless, precision sensing, optics, power management, and motion control.  Our clients typically provide marketing, regulatory and quality specialists.

It’s a tall order to recruit the project staff, establish good working relationships among the team members, and define the processes and procedures needed to achieve high-quality results.   Alternatively, you can leverage a development partner who has proven resources and processes and can rapidly ramp up a team perfectly selected for your product.

Our project managers know how to get projects done on time and within budget while providing the quality and precision needed for success. We offer an engineering staff with extensive experience developing products that range from regulated medical devices to high-volume, low-cost consumer products.

If your product requires a highly-specialized skill set, we have a pool of industry experts from which we draw to form a virtual team with exactly the expertise and experience you need. When you select us as your development partner, your project team is complemented by the entire Andrews-Cooper engineering staff for brainstorming and internal design evaluation and review.

Learn more about getting your product to market

If you have a great innovative idea and are trying to determine how to best commercialize it, we can help.Here are several resources that can help:

If you would like to discuss your unique business situation and new product development challenges, please contact us.