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In 1999, Hewlett-Packard moved its medical device operation out of McMinnville OR. Neal Andrews and Steve Cooper loved their work at HP, but knew that relocating to Boston wasn’t the right thing for their growing families.

They envisioned a company by engineers, for engineers, where the HP Rules of the Garage could be truly expressed and the practice of device engineering could be elevated to its potential.

They built a community founded on respect for excellence, dedication to teamwork, and positive contribution to the betterment of the world.

Over the years, Neal and Steve’s vision resonated with customers, colleagues, and suppliers in a vibrant community that builds great things and is built to last.

AC is Built to Last

In over 23 years of service, we’ve assembled a team of 165+ engineers, technicians, program managers & support staff.

We’re honored to have earned the repeat business of nearly every customer who’s experienced working with us. Household name, industry defining multinationals measure their engagements with AC in years and decades.

Mid-cap niche leaders use us to catapult to the next level, and early stage companies with big dreams leverage AC to deliver on their Missions with the effectiveness and quality of the Fortune 100.

We take on only select new Customers – we know we’ll be a good fit if you’ve got vision, ambition, and dedication to the principle that we all win when we’re all on the same team.

Founders Neal & Steve

Steve Cooper & Neal Andrews

By Engineers, For Engineers

We Believe…

…that when people are aligned with their mission and each other, the experience of technology development is optimal and results are maximized. AC’s mission is to create the conditions for expression of engineering in its highest form – great teams applied to missions that matter, free from needless distraction or friction.

…that maximum learning happens when hypotheses are tested by constructive challenge. When everyone has a voice and trusts in their colleagues, we all get smarter – together. We cultivate opportunity for professional growth, advancement, and leadership, because mentorship raises everybody’s game.

…that we share an obligation to be a force for good in the world – part of everyone’s solution and no one’s problem. AC is proud of our first 21 years, and we will continue in our dedication to truth, justice and inclusion. We know that goodness and smarts come in every flavor of human, and we actively reject racism, sexism, and discrimination in all their forms.

…that our work is a fundamental drive, and solving new problems provides intrinsic reward. When we collaborate with a sense of purpose, in alignment with teams of smart, good-hearted people, we bring out the best in us all, and together we deliver the extraordinary.

Help Each Other Win

We value winning as a team over personal recognition.  We will go out of our way to help a teammate and the team be successful. 

We care so much about being a good teammate that we will give and receive feedback, even when it makes us uncomfortable, because it makes us better. 

We make generous use of the first-person plural pronoun, WE. “We” deliver success, together.

Similarly, “we” gracefully accept responsibility for setbacks and work hard to turn them into triumphs. 

Think servant leadership, teammate, candor, selfless, and humility (curiosity).

Own It

We don’t wait for someone else to clear the way. When we recognize an opportunity to make things better, we take action. When we encounter obstacles, we join forces to overcome them. 

Our relentless pursuit of solutions is what drives our creative problem solving.  We take our commitments and our customer’s success seriously and put in the extra effort when needed. 

When we fall short, we take responsibility and do what we can to make it right. 

We think beyond what our customer has asked us to do by considering their goals and acting like we are a colleague rather than vendor.​

Think responsibility, accountability, creative problem solving, and effort.

Be Cool

We value working with cool people.  Cool people are self-aware, keep a positive attitude, have a high EQ, and keep their composure under pressure. 

They avoid grumbling and gossip, give and receive feedback, and stay constructive when solving problems.

Cool people have your back and that allows us to be authentic and take risks. 

Cool is not about how you look but about how you act – this is the highest form of cool.​

Think attitude, likeable, self-aware, composure, constructive, and authenticity.

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