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R&D Accelerator

Custom Automated R&D Equipment, Instrumentation, Feasibility Studies, Process Development, Test Engineering & Operation

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Product Development

Concept Development through Production Ramp, Easy to Scale, Seamless Integration to Your Team and Processes

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Hardware Testing

Design & Build of Custom Test Equipment, Instrumentation, Test Plans & Execution with Reporting. Onsite Testing or at AC’s Test Labs

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Manufacturing Automation

Custom Automation, Precision Vision, Advanced Motion, Material Handling, Adhesive Dispensing, Non-Contact Metrology and more

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Embedded Engineering Teams

Supercharge Your Engineering Efforts with Top Tier Talent in Firmware, Electrical, Mechanical, Controls, and Test Engineering

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Why Choose AC?

Regardless of where you are in your product lifecycle, improve your speed to market with AC’s engineering teams in Research & Development, Product Development, Hardware Testing, and Manufacturing Automation.

Andrews Cooper is an Engineering Services firm specializing in highly complex technology development within ambiguous environments.

Are you an ambitious, tech-focused company looking to innovate your industry and change the world?

Targeted Industry Experience


AR/VR & Gaming Tech


SportsTech & Smart Textiles/Clothing

Create Your Purpose at AC

We’ve built Andrews Cooper intentionally: seeking visionary people who take pride in their work, who are relentlessly curious, and who know that success on missions that matter is always delivered as a team.

The strength of our community is the engine that drives us forward, together.

If you are really good at what you do, thrive on collaboration, and never want to stop learning, AC would love to meet you.

Discover how our Managed Engineering Services augment your in-house engineering talent with our ready-to-deploy experienced engineers and decrease your time to market today.

Meet Mark Caldwell

Mark will help you identify the right AC Engineering Squad to tackle your toughest challenges.

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Andrews Cooper provides premium engineering services: Product Design & Engineering, Validation & Testing, Custom Automation Systems, as well as Managed Engineering Services. We’re your one-stop shop for end-to-end hardware product development.