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Andrews-Cooper develops and builds custom automated manufacturing and test solutions.  We are passionate about solving our clients’ most difficult automation challenges — often when others cannot.


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 Product Development

We have worked across a variety of industries always relishing the key engineering challenges found. We focus on consumer products and medical devices.



 Managed Engineering Services

We help solve tough engineering problems for the world’s best companies with highly skilled onsite engineers backed by our design centers.


“These are quality guys, they will do a good job for you.  When there is a problem, they stand up and take care of it.”

David Hadley

“I find this group is very open, very fast and creates high quality products…
you’ll get the best of all worlds here.”

Dennis York

“They brought more to the table than I even anticipated.”

Maura Mahon

“We really gained a trust in Andrews-Cooper. We knew that in the end we would get what we were looking for.”

Peter Galen

“I definitely would work with Andrews-Cooper again. They were very easy to work with – a great partner. Hearing some of my colleagues talk about experience they’ve had with some other firms where things have not gone well, I feel very fortunate to work with Andrews-Cooper.”

Rick Riper

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