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OEM Enterprise Organizations Partner with AC to Augment Their In-House Talent

AC’s integrated engineering teams augment your in-house talent by enabling you to scale quickly, address changing demands, fill technical gaps, and accelerate your time to market. Our subject matter experts work as an extension of your in-house development team to enhance your product delivery. Together, we collaborate with your team to proactively de-risk core technologies, design with testing and manufacture foresight, and engineer the best possible product.

How We Help

What Are Integrated Engineering Teams?

Seamlessly Integrate to Scale Your Team Faster

Integrated Engineering Teams enable you to grow your in-house engineering talent without needing to directly hire. Andrews Cooper is not a staffing firm or a recruiting firm. Instead, we offer integrated engineering teams through full-time AC employees (not contract for hire resources) that integrate into your in-house engineering team to provide stability, scalability, and reliability for product development and manufacturing process development. As you engage with AC, each IET resource enables access to our network of engineers with decades of experience for problem solving, support, and guidance.

When to Engage AC Integrated Engineering Teams:

Insert AC Engineers at any Stage of the Product Lifecycle

There are no limitations regarding how and when you can engage with AC resources. We meet with you to understand the problem you are trying to solve and jointly select the best place to insert our IET resources into your product lifecycle.

AC’s extensive experience supporting OEMs translates all the way through working with contract manufacturers in Southeast Asia and internationally to ensure clear communication and provide quality control oversight.

Why Partner With AC Teams?

Leverage Organizational Knowledge for Product Stability

AC Engineers are supported with best in class professional development and internal resources. By cultivating our in-house talent through education, training, and sophisticated tools; we are able to leverage organizational knowledge on behalf of you – our clients. This in turn enables Andrews Cooper to provide evolving product insight through continuous improvement and ultimately become SMEs for your product lines as you experience talent churn and turnover.

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“You invest in your people in a way that helps make the partnership lasting. The engineers provided by AC are excellent."

Engineering Manager | Fortune 500 | Consumer Electronics


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