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Partner with AC to Supercharge Your Technology Development

Leverage our experts across R&D, Product Development, Hardware Test, and Manufacturing Automation to remove road blocks and help you solve the most difficult engineering problems.

Get started on your project now. No need for an RFP – start by talking to one of our engineering experts. We’ll put together a custom project plan to define the SOW and go from there.

Your project is always in control with AC’s proven development process and experienced PMP project managers. You own the IP all the way through – at project completion, we’ll give you the design files, source code, and documentation.

AC Custom R&D Research and Development

AC | R&D Accelerator

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your In-House R&D Product Team

AC’s R&D Accelerator equips your technologists and subject matter experts with the equipment and data they need to optimize the R&D process.

> Custom R&D Equipment/Instrumentation: Life Testers, Characterization Tools, Process Development Vehicles
> Technology Feasibility Studies
> Process Development
> Proof-of-Concept Iterative Prototyping
> Electrical Breadboard Development
> Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal Simulations

AC Product Development Engineering Services

AC | Product Development

Integrate Seamlessly for Faster Development Cycles

Let us take your brilliant concept and execute it all the way through production or jump into your product mid-development and integrate seamlessly with your existing design teams to accelerate final deliverability and scale as your needs grow.

> Proven AC Product Development Process – Architecture, EVT, DVT, PVT, MR
> Advanced technology integration: wireless, optics, motion sensing, miniaturization, battery management, etc.
> Experts in design-for-manufacturing quality at scale
> Deep expertise in AR/VR, gaming, and other high-tech consumer electronics.
> Over 22 years in medical diagnostic devices such as ECG and glucose monitors
> Mechanical, Electrical, and Firmware Engineering

AC Custom Hardware Testing

AC | Hardware Testing

Expand Capacity with Expert Hardware Testing Support

AC Test Engineers ramp up quickly to identify, own, and execute a diverse range of hardware test protocols for your complex product. We are your one stop testing shop that moves as quickly as you do.

> Rapid Development of Custom Test Equipment, Protocols, Fixtures, and Instrumentation
> Expert Level Proficiency in Labview, Python, and MatLab
> Detailed Development and Execution of Test Plans, Protocols, and Reports
> Onsite Test Services at AC’s Comprehensive Test Lab

AC Custom Manufacturing Automation

AC | Manufacturing Automation

Solve Complexities with Inventive Manufacturing Automation

Bring AC your toughest automation challenges. From manual benchtop operations to fully automated manufacturing lines, we tackle ambitious and ambiguous challenges with a fresh and unbiased perspective.

> Manufacturing Automation Road Mapping
> Precision Vision and Motion Control
> Non-Contact Metrology
> Automated Adhesive Dispense
> Fine Wire Automation
> Service & Support with Continuous Improvement Optimization

Our Expert Technicians and Engineers Support You Remotely and On-Site

AC | Integrated Engineering Teams

Supercharge Your Project with Top Technical Talent

Tap into AC’s full range of engineering expertise – our engineering teams seamlessly integrate to your teams and processes for a smooth and quick expansion of talent and focus.

Why Choose AC?

Insight with Integrity for Every Stage of the Product Lifecycle

From R&D to Product Development to Hardware Testing to Manufacturing Automation, you experience the same level of engineering insight and integrity with every engagement. We create the opportunities for your teams to impress.
Talent from across the lifecycle join AC to perfect their craft across projects and industries with individuals as curious and creative as themselves. Fully supported by full-time AC employees, internal collaboration, and unlimited opportunities to grow; you can count on AC Engineers to support your mission as if it were our own.
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