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Custom Test Engineering Integrated with Your Product Development Process

AC Hardware Testing Services are customizable and designed to complement your product development. We ensure maximum testing options and flexibility through complete turnkey ownership of your entire test plan or ad hoc test engineering for targeted support.

With technical expertise in mechanical, electrical, and firmware testing, our test engineering teams are uniquely equipped to understand your project. We move quickly to customize test protocols and create test fixtures for data collection, analysis, and design recommendations.

Turn to AC for a full range of custom hardware testing services to ensure successful material selection, verification and validation, and failure analysis of your product.

Engage Early to Drive Results

Test Planning Using AC’s Proven Processes

Data-driven product development starts with early test planning to determine parameters for verification and validation. We engage early or at any stage of your development journey to deliver dedicated testing services.

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Review product, discuss business goals, and align objectives. Specification, identification, and test plan creation. Review test plan with client to confirm goals and target outcomes. Creation of custom hardware and tests with location agnostic options. Run custom, off-the-shelf, or 3rd party engineered hardware tests. Iterative analysis resulting in a final report with recommendations.

Supercharge Your Hardware Testing with Integrated Engineering Teams

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Product Analysis & Test Planning

Test Plans Designed with a Deep Understanding of Your Product

Working from a strong foundation in product development engineering, we identify the right test engineering plan by fully understanding your product and its overarching functionality through:

> Conversations and Site Visits
> Review of Your Product and its Development Stage
> Product and Industry Benchmarking
> Strict Specifications and/or Industry Standards for Product Ruggedization
> Intended Use Environment and Impacts on Design
> Levels of Acceptable Risks
> Cost Objectives and Constraints

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Product Validation

Leverage Comparison Research & Technical Analysis

After a comprehensive technical examination of your product, we validate it by analyzing similar products using <insert better adjective> resources:

Backed by over 20 years of development experience, our product validation process includes:

> Subsystem Design Review
> Benchmarking
> White Papers
> Research Papers
> Teardowns
> Industry Standards and Regulations

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Collaborative Test Management

Continuous Alignment with Changing Designs

Working with you through a collaborative and iterative process, we ensure the integrity of your product’s test plan every step of the way.

We interface with both our internal product development engineering team and your internal stakeholders to ensure your test plan reflects the requirements of current design specifications during each gated review.

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Custom Test Fixturing & Test Equipment

Accuracy & Rapid Analysis at Incredible Value

We design and build custom devices and fixturing specifically for your product. We’re able to test faster and observe, capture, and analyze the resulting test data than typical approaches that rely on third party builds and results.

> Complete System Tester to Conduct Tests and Collect Data Simultaneously
> Design of Simple to Complex Test Fixtures
> Component, Sub System and System Level Testing

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Location Agnostic Test Lab Capabilities

Flexible & Convenient Options based on Your Product Development Needs

Leverage our dedicated test lab or engage with Integrated Engineering Teams (IET) at your site. With AC engineers, you have access to maximum flexibility and service options to fit your specific needs at any stage throughout your product development or manufacturing automation journey.

> Full Service Testing at AC Lab
> Development of Tests and/or Equipment at AC Lab and Delivery to Client Site
> Onsite Integrated Engineering Team of AC Test Engineering Experts

Our flexibility and resources ensure a comprehensive test strategy and deployment that fully meet your needs. At your site or ours.

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Test Plan De-Risking

Thorough Scrutiny & Data Analysis

Once your testing is complete, AC engineers collect and analyze the critical test data to validate and verify the performance of your product design. Reporting caters to the complexity of data to determine the best platform for analysis including Excel, scripted data analysis with Python, or specialized mathematical and graphical programming and analysis software like MATLAB or LabVIEW.

Your product’s performance and test results are carefully prepared and reported clearly for a diverse audience. We share test results with your AC Product Development team and necessary cross-functional teams to ensure a high level of visibility.

Our test engineers deliver engineering insights and design recommendations from your test results so that your product’s design is improved quickly and efficiently.

Complex manual testing can benefit from custom automation. AC Manufacturing Automation experts team up with Hardware Testing teams to design automated test devices and fixtures that can perform the testing without the need of manual monitoring or assistance.

De-Risk Core Technologies with Custom R&D Equipment and Automation

AC Hardware Testing Sweet Spot

Through a comprehensive data analysis review and an iterative design process, a well-planned and expertly executed test plan delivers the successful verification and validation of your product. AC Hardware Testing includes a diverse spectrum of test methods and testing service, including:

> Integrated Mechanical, Electrical, and Firmware Testing
> System and Subsystem Testing
> Failure Analysis
> Custom Fixture Design, including Precision Fixturing and Tooling
> Automated Hardware Testing
> Data Analysis
> Redesign Recommendations
> Line Test Development
> Manufacturing Buildout Quality Control

Lean on AC’s expertise to ensure the V&V success of your product design and market success through our deep engineering and testing experience and hands-on partnership at every stage of your journey from specification to iterative design.

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