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Forward thinking, tech-driven companies rely on AC’s proven track record of solving previously unsolvable and ambiguous manufacturing challenges. Our deep expertise in custom automation coupled with our de-risking approach enables our engineering teams to move quickly and effectively. AC’s expert automation engineering teams support your full range of needs: new automated work cells and manufacturing lines, efficiency and safety upgrades to existing manufacturing systems, process improvements, and more. When you partner with AC, we seamlessly integrate with your people, products, and processes to ensure success.

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Custom Automation Roadmap

Charting a Course for Automation Success

Whether you’re at the start of your automation journey or need help defining ROI to replace your current manual processes, AC builds a custom manufacturing automation roadmap tailored to your specific needs.

If you don’t have a complete specification, we work with your manufacturing and process engineers to understand and recommend the most beneficial processes for your custom automation. From manual benchtop fixtures to fully automated lines, we ensure your new custom manufacturing system is the right fit automation solution to increase quality throughput and overall system efficiency.

Robotics Integration

Transforming Manufacturing Operations with Robotics

Are you looking to transform your manufacturing operation? With so many powerful robotic platforms and types, it’s difficult to know which robot is right for your situation. AC experts help you choose the right solution for your application with seamless integration for maximum value and life from your investment.

Robotic Platforms:

Types of Robots:

Vision Systems

Leveling Up Quality Inspection

Vision and machine learning technology is changing at a rapid pace. AC is constantly investigating new Vision technologies and capabilities to stay on the cutting edge of what is possible.

As we move through the non-contact inspection process, we leverage a variety of vision systems to look at: metrology, precise motion, component verification, in-process check (for medical) and more. Lighting needs to ensure we find hard to pattern defects and redefine absence of features.

Vision Platforms:

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Machine Control & Integration

Selecting the Right Platform & Architecture

With so many options for machine and motion control with ever-improving functionality, it’s challenging to choose the right-fit for your application and plan for scalability. AC’s robust cross-platform base code enables us to deploy solutions quickly and streamline the transition between controls platforms; driven by supply chain turbulence, changing market conditions, and your ramp plan.

AC expert controls engineers help you evaluate your options and guide your decision when selecting the right platform and architecture. Once the platform is selected, our controls engineering team provides programming support through full turnkey integration or via our Integrated Engineering Team Service.

Automation Control Platforms:

Controls Architecture:

Material Handling & Motion Control

Programming Ultra-Precise Placement with Precision Control

When tackling highly precise and complex material handling objectives, we help define the ideal solution which may include cohesively integrated robotics, vision systems, and motion control. We are experts in developing novel solutions for compliant materials, fine wire placement, ultra-precise adhesive dispense, and micron-level component placement.

With ever-increasing complexity in small form factors, the need to populate components precisely is becoming a higher priority for material handling success. Working closely with your engineering team, AC engineers recommend the best architecture to meet your objectives for throughput, quality, and manufacturing integration.

Safety Design & Upgrades

Building Safety into Manufacturing Environments

In a fast paced and highly complex environment, ensuring your workforce is safe is a top priority. That’s why we use industry best practices and compliance standards to assess risks and apply FMEA principles to de-risk every project. Safety, maintenance, and ease of use are top pillars in our production system architecture to ensure your system is performing at its best while creating a safe environment for your machine operators.

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Platforms, Systems, and Architecture

Our expertise lies in a wide range of industry experience which lends to a wider range of technology integration. Let us know your current system needs or your vision for a new system:

Robotic Platforms

Types of Robots

Vision Systems

Automation Controls Platforms

Controls Architecture:

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“I wanted to let you know how much the team and I appreciate your team. Confidence is high here. They are always prepared, focused and thinking critically about the next step of the project each week. They push people to delivery fast and can ask the prickly questions in a non-prickly way.“

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